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Boudoir - Incorporating Your Partner’s Interests

How to incorporate your partner’s interests in your boudoir session

Need help planning your boudoir session? Here are some tips on incorporating your partner’s interests for a truly personalised photo shoot:

Sports – This is a popular one. If your (wo)man loves sports, bring some sports gear with you. For example, you could wear a top from their favourite team/player, or bring a ball, scarf, club, bat, etc. 

Occupation – If your partner loves their job, try to incorporate that in your photo session. If s/he’s in the military, think dog tags, uniform, etc. If s/he’s a doctor, try a medical outfit or lab coat. If s/he’s a firefighter – borrow their helmet and boots. There are so many options here. Some careers are more difficult to incorporate creatively, but we can even make an office job work. You can totally rock the button down shirt, tie, and briefcase. If you need help, send me a message and I can help come up with something. 

What do they love about you – Think about the things they love – a part of your body, traits you have that they adore. Maybe they loves your sassiness or playful personality, or how you are shy, sweet, etc. I’ll want to feature these attributes in your session. Do they love it when you walk around in their clothes? Bring some along for an added personal touch.

Fantasy – Does your partner have a fantasy? Surprise them by dressing up for your session. If they're a big Star Wars fan and always wanted you to wear a gold bikini like Princess Leia, now would be a good time to break out that costume for some sexy sci-fi photos. Do they love Pulp Fiction? Emulate Uma Thurman like Lady May J in the image above.

Hobbies – What do they like to do for fun? Do the play guitar, read comic books, paint? Bring along items from their hobbies. Do they love the countryside? Bring along wellingtons. Carpentry? Bring a tool belt. 

If you need help coming up with a theme for your session to incorporation your partner’s interests, contact me and I will brainstorm with you.

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Thanks to Lady May J Burlesque UK for posing for these photos ❤️

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