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Sessions for Older Babies

Whilst it is a good idea to get a newborn photoshoot when your baby is around 5-10 days old to capture the squishiness of your tiny baby, please don't be put off from having a photo session if your baby is older. I can capture beautiful images of your little one at any age. Below are some examples of different developmental stages I can capture at different ages. Of course all babies are unique and will reach various 'milestones' at different ages, so this is very much just a guide!

Newborn Photoshoot

These sessions are recommended between approximately 7-10 days of age. This is because mums have had a little bit of time to adjust to having a new baby and also because babies tend to be sleepier at this age. When babies sleep, this enables me to capture a wider variety of poses. However, it is absolutely not my aim to get your baby to sleep before I will take photos. Personally I love the wide awake shots!

'Older' Babies

I have photographed babies at many different ages. At 6 weeks, they tend to be more alert and I can capture those amazing bright, wide-eyed shots and a range of wonderful expressions. I can still wrap baby and put them in various props, such as baskets, buckets etc, surrounded by lots of natural, neutral colours and textures.

At 3 months babies may be laughing and smiling, doing mini push-ups and bringing their hands together.

At 6 months they might be sitting for short periods unsupported, crawling and reaching for objects.

Milestone Sessions

When your baby is sitting, or crawling, this can be a great time to get a baby photoshoot. These stages go so quickly and it is wonderful to have professional images to look back on. I wish I had done so with my children - I missed the opportunity sadly.

Cake Smash

When, or just before, your baby reaches the age of one, a wonderful and increasingly popular way to celebrate is to hold a cake smash photo session. Take a look at my Cake Smash Page for further details.


Looking for several photoshoots to capture several special moments in time? I offer a range of packages that offer excellent value for money. Please note these prices are for the sessions, professional editing and creation of a private online gallery. Images are available to purchase separately under one of my packages. Check out my pricing page for details. 

  • My First Year Package: Maternity Session - Newborn/Baby Session - Milestone Session (when your baby is sitting, or when they are one year old - you choose).
  • Maternity and Newborn Package: Maternity Session plus Newborn/Baby Session.
  • Newborn and Milestone Package: Newborn/baby shoot plus Milestone session (when your baby is sitting, or when they are one year old - you choose).
  • I also offer Cake Smash sessions - see separate page for details.

Please get in touch via my Contact Page for further information or to book.

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